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East Timor

East Timor (or Timor Leste) is one of the world's youngest countries, and is a near neighbour of Australia. Since it gained its independence in 2002, Australia has taken on a significant role in the country, and within that, Ballarat has a special connection with the Ainaro District. East Timor has a large organic coffee industry, from which Charisma Coffee selects its Maubisse Organic beans.

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Ballarat Friends of Ainaro Community Committee (BFACC)

The role of Ballarat City Council's 'Ballarat Friends of Ainaro Community Committee' is to auspice, promote and strengthen the relationship between Ballarat and Ainaro district in East Timor. Through consultation with the Ainaro Community, BFACC identifies and supports projects within, and external to Ballarat, that will directly assist the Ainaro community.

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BFACC Community

The Ballarat Friends of Ainaro Community Committee is made up of a number of interest groups, all supporting East Timorese initiatives either here in the local community, or in Ainaro itself. BFACC is part of a wider group of institutions and organisations working to support appropriate development in Ainaro.

BFACC Action Plan

BFACC Vision

It is intended that all initiatives undertaken under the Friendship Relationship should be directed towards strengthening the community of Ainaro. These initiatives should aim to build capacity and advance the self-sufficiency of the people of Ainaro, and should be consistent with the principles of environmental, social and cultural sustainability.

We recognise that there will be short-term and long-term goals for the re-building of Ainaro and that any strategy or project should be based on needs identified through local decision-making processes and should take account of the capacity of the City of Ballarat, and its community members, to resource and support them.

How can you assist?
East Timor - Maubisse Organic coffee fundraiser

Through your purchase (or selling) of this freshly roasted to order coffee you are supporting both the East Timor coffee producers and also BFACC projects in education, health and community development in Ainaro. Maubisse is a small village high on the main range in the Ainaro District of East Timor. The area produces coffee beans which have been imported to, then roasted in Ballarat, producing a rich and rewarding complexity of flavour and aromas. This quality roast has won two Bronze Medals; firstly at the 2012 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards in the Espresso category and also in the Golden Bean Roasters Competition in the Organic Espresso class.

Each 250g bag is $12.00

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