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Beans - profiles and tasting notes

Charisma Coffee offers a broad selection of beans available as both single origin or as blends to suit your needs. Each bean has subtle differences of palate, character - charisma - and intensity and the range offered will cater to every taste.

For something more convenient, try our Nespresso-compatible Capsuls, available with anu of our bean varieties.

For pricing and blend enquiries, please contact us.

Some terms explained

Single origin means the beans are sourced from a particular geographical location within a country. Single origin beans inherit the characteristics of their geographical regions, making them distinct; giving them their own unique, charismatic flavour. Sourcing from a specific region also assures a greater overall consistency of flavour and quality over time. See our single origin coffee bean menu here.

At Charisma Coffee, a blend is developed to specific, quality-controlled ratios of single origin, organic 100% Arabica beans that are combined to produce a distinct flavour and character. See our coffee blend menu here.

Rainforest Alliance coffee utilises rusticano methods. This is where coffee trees already grow, or are planted in an existing forest with few changes to the native plants.

Policultura traditional or traditional polyculture integrates other non-native agricultural plants to allow farmers to grow a diversity of species.

Single Origin

Timor Leste - Aielu Rusticano Organic

Strength - Medium to Strong
These beans are sourced from the mountains of the Aileu District in East Timor, just south of the capital Dili. Rusticano indicates that coffee trees already grow, or are planted in an existing forest with few changes to the native habitat. Funds from the sale of this coffee go directly back to the farmers. Enjoy the rich, full, smooth flavour and the delicate finish of this organic coffee.

Peru - Decaf Organic

Strength - Medium to Strong
This coffee is characterised by a deep flavour with moderate acidity and a cocoa aroma. The beans have been decaffeinated through the 100% chemical-free Swiss Water(R) Process. This high quality organic coffee will provide you with a great tasting treat.

Timor Leste - Maubisse Organic

Strength - Medium to Strong
This organic coffee is a great all-rounder. It is a full-bodied drink and has a sweet, thick feel to the mouth. This is a triple award winner having gained a Silver Medal in the 2014 Compak Golden Bean Competition, and two Bronze Medals at the 2012 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards and the 2012-2013 Golden Bean Roaster Competition.

2014silverGolden Bean Bronze MedalblockBronze

India - Attikhan Estate

Strength - Strong
India Attikhan Estate coffee is grown in the highlands of Bababudan Giris and is sun dried. It has a pillowy crema when served as an espresso and is best drunk black. Bababudan Giris has been the home of coffee in India for some 400 years.

Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe

Strength - Mild
From the home of coffee comes this highly prized coffee bean. It is characterised by a balanced winey flavour. This bean is a lovely treat for those who use a plunger or filter. Low in caffeine content this coffee is a great all day coffee. This is a Bronze Medal winner in the 2013 Australian International Coffee Awards.


Peru - Santa Martha Estate Organic (Rainforest Alliance)

Strength - Medium to Strong
This coffee bean is grown in the Villa Rica region and has an earthy and rich aroma. Makes an excellent espresso coffee and as a double bonus is Certified Rainforest Alliance and Certified Organic.

Mexico - The Federacion Indigena Ecologica de Chiapas (FIECH) Organic

Strength - Medium
This certified organic coffee is balanced in its light chocolate taste. It is a natural blend of Arabica beans hand picked by the native peoples of Chiapas.

India - Tiger Mountain

Strength - Strong
This is a rusticano grown coffee from the Indian highlands region of Bababudan Giris. This coffee bean is much prized by connoisseurs as an espresso of note.

Kenya - AA

Strength - Strong
AA denotes the highest grade of Kenyan coffee based on bean size. This bean is well balanced, with bright acidity and providing a mellow mouth feel with a short, earthy finish.




Strength - Strong
This has been developed with the latte drinker in mind. It cuts through milk to provide a rewarding, full mouth feel. Espresso drinkers will appreciate its robust flavour. This is blended from single origin 100% Arabica beans.


Strength - Medium
This blend is an established favourite with Charisma customers. It is a dark roast with a mellow, subtle flavour. The blend develops an excellent crema, given its use of single origin 100% Arabica beans.



CapsuleCharisma Coffee is now available in Nespresso-compatible capsules. These are supplied as a kit; perfectly ground, fresh roasted coffee with the plastic capsule and a self-adhesive foil cover.

A kit comes with 50/100 capsules and 250g/500g of coffee respectively. Now you can enjoy Charisma Coffee using your existing Nespresso machine! To learn more, enquire via e-mail.