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Charisma is mobile in Melbourne

Charisma VansCharisma Coffee continues to grow and evolve... Charisma Coffee Vans are now in operation in Melbourne! We have what we believe to be the only mobile espresso van operating that serves the boutique coffee it freshly roasts (that is, not someone else's coffee, and not massed produced coffee). Need to book a van for an occasion? Call Adam on 0401 017 224.


Clunes Farmer's Market

ClunesFind, taste and buy Charisma Coffee direct at the Clunes Framer's Market on the second Sunday of every month.


Now drinking... at the Avoca HotelAvoca

If you are looking for a place to get great coffee and a meal in Avoca, look no further than the Avoca Hotel. Charisma Coffee is available to finish off an excellent meal, or just to have... because you can!


Silver Medal win!

SilverGolden BeanAt the 2014 Compak Golden Bean competition Charisma Coffee's Timor Leste Maubisse took out a Silver Medal in the Espresso Organic category. This is the third medal for this coffee, placing it firmly amongst Australia's top organic espressos.


Maxi Foods Cafe and retail

MaxiFoodsFancy a free coffee while shopping? Get along to Maxi Foods (Latrobe Street, Redan) who are now serving Charisma's Timor Leste Maubisse organic in their newly-opened Cafe. Our coffee is also available for retail purchase at the Cafe.


Peach's Fruit Market


Charisma's multi-award-winning Timor Leste Maubisse and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe organic coffees are now available for retail purchase at Peach's Fruit Market's outlets in Ballarat (12 Coronet St, Wendouree), Torquay (Shop 2, 132 Surfcoast Hwy) and Horsham (49-51 Urquhart St).


beersCharisma in your what!?

red_duckIn a delicious creative collaboration, Charisma Coffee has teamed with Ballarat boutique brewery Red Duck to produce two unique coffee-infused ales! The Igor, a humpbacked porter, and the espresso bitter-style Tiger Mountain, using Charisma's coffee of the same name. The complexity of flavours is amazing, trust us. These are strictly limited release, so don't miss out!


Merkama Cafe - Keffa beans

MerkamaCharisma Coffee is now custom roasting Ethiopian Keffa for Merkama Cafe located in Doveton Street, Ballarat. This is a perfect accompaniment for the distinctive African cuisine on offer. These beans are available to purchase at the cafe.


Charisma a hit at the Rural Lifestyle Expo

ExpoThe Charisma team was in action at the very successful 2015 Weekly Times Rural Lifestyle Expo held at the Ballarat Showgrounds. Lots of tasting and education was provided to a large gathering and we had sold out of many varieties by the end of the day!

Charisma owener, and master roaster, Marcus Downes had the opportunity to tell the Charisma story and spread the word about great coffee.


Bean Me Up brings Charisma to regular farmers' markets

Bean Me UpWe are happy to announce that Bean Me Up Mobile Espresso will be serving Charisma Coffee's Bean Me Up Blend at both the Ballarat Lakeside Farmers' Market and the Creswick Market. Check their respective websites for dates.


Even Facebook has Charisma!

FacebookCharisma Coffee has launched its Facebook page to reach a wider audience and share news, product updates and events via social media. Please be sure to Like us on Facebook!

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Why is Charisma Coffee different?

At Charisma Coffee only 100% Arabica green beans are selected from the premium coffee growing regions around the world. All beans are expertly roasted to bring out all of the flavours and charisma that each variety of coffee beans has to offer.

The freshly roasted coffee is carefully stored and because we roast to order and in small batches you will receive the highest quality coffee for your home, business, wholesale, retail or fundraising needs.

Charisma Coffee is available in 250 g, 500 g and 1 kg bags as beans or ground. Beans can be ground to suit applications such as plunger, percolator and espresso machines. Pricings are determined by quantities ordered and Australia post package and handling charges if required.

ScoopWhat are Arabica beans?

Arabica beans are grown at high altitudes and boast far superior flavours to Robusta beans which are widely used for the production of instant coffee.

Arabica coffee beans naturally grow more slowly than their Robusta counterparts and take on more characteristics of the regions in which they are grown.

Single origin & organic

Charisma Coffee offers you a wide variety of single origin and organic coffee.

Single origin coffee beans originate from one place. It may come from a plantation an estate or pooled and graded from a single country.

Chemical-intensive cropping may yield higher production but not flavour. Your purchase of organic coffee ensures that farmers are not exposed to harmful chemicals, traditional farming methods (rusticano or policultura traditional) are continued and that natural habitats are better preserved. All organic coffee varieties can be purchased upon request in 100% compostable bags.

Blends are also available for the discerning coffee drinker.

Fresh is best!

At Charisma Coffee we offer you the best start to a great cup of coffee - freshness. The fresher the coffee is the better the flavour, the better the crema and better the regional accents. To ensure that you are purchasing the freshest coffee we write the date of each roast on the bags. In addition, our beans are packaged in heat sealed bags with one way valves to ensure that all the freshness of each roast is captured and naturally preserved. We recommend that your Charisma Coffee is consumed within three months of roasting - this date being marked on the bag label - to ensure the optimum coffee experience.